2broswithhemo: Cazandra MacDonald Episode 3

Cazandra MacDonald is awesome and if you have any experience with Hemophilia, you know that she is a fantastic advocate and positive force in the community. She is a pastor’s wife, a musician and heavily involved in church ministry and “there is no such thing as normal” in her life. She was introduced to the bleeding disorder community with the birth of her first son and it was a shock to her.

She started the Two Brothers With Hemophilia blog, which personally helped me as I was learning about Hemophilia. She started the blog as a way to get out the thoughts and feelings she was having. She never thought anyone would read it, but as she started hearing back from readers, she knew it was helping other people.

Oozing Every Day is another blog that she started which is more faith based. She is passionate about motivating and empowering women and is happiest when she has the opportunity to help others.

She really believes in the power of connection. She recommends getting a phone number, a facebook of someone that you connect with so that just in case you need someone to talk to, you have a contact who understands what you are going through. She lost her brother, Ronaldo Julian, a brother she never knew, but means so much to her.

I consider Cazandra an expert and so helpful and you will feel her willingness to help and caring spirit. She has been through, helped through and seen a lot in her years living with hemophilia

National Hemophilia FoundationNHF, hemophilia.org check here for chapter listings if you want to find a chapter near you.

HFA she thinks Hemophilia Federation of America has “really bumped up their game” with information and webinars.

Parting words: It is going to be ok. Take what you can right when it is happening and live each moment. Take it day by day, moment by moment and sometimes breath by breath.

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Facebook: Cazandra MacDonald



Twitter @2broswithhemo

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