Back to School Episode 37

Hello United!

This is a quick pod all about Back to School. YAY!  I often over prepare, but only because I am LAZY! I have a base presentation and checklist for who I need to contact and it doesn’t change too much. Do the hard work the first time and then add/subtract each year. See – lazy. Or…brilliant?!

The first time my Severe A went to school, I had color printouts with all the info, laminated for each person that would be coming in contact with him. I used the HFA online presentation and gave an all staff education, I used our all time favorite nurse Kathy as an educator and brought her in as many times as I could. Each year, I review/tweak the routine, meet all the teachers, nurses, admin and after care for a one on one.

As my boy gets older his responsibility grows and the risks change. I find new materials by talking to  all the pharma reps and see what cool videos or checklists they have to make the process seamless.

I get a lot of texts and DMS about back to school and try to answer how we did it in the pod. Here are a few resources for you to try…

Tool Kits for Back to School:

Advocating For Your Child at School by Global Genes 

Back to School from HFA

Steps for Living – NHF

School Info Page from Shire

Video about Clotting Cascade from Bayer

Enter to Win a Backpack Stuffed with School Supplies:

Leave a comment below, on the H.U. Instagram, Facebook or twitter (retweet please!) with the age group or grade and interests, so I can pick out some supplies that your kid would like to sport this school year. We will pick a random winner the first week in August.


Good Luck!


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