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I know a pretty cool guy that earned a spot in this program a while ago.  Please check it out and pass on to anyone who may be interested in being a leader!

We love to have Dinner!

CIE Dinner

The feedback from these small dinners has been incredible. Moms getting together, learning more about each other, gathering strength, and changing our community for the better seems to be just what (SoCal at least) has been missing. We hear you moms!

The next dinner will be Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 at 6 pm. Restaurant TBA at RSVP via HU! Twitter, HU! FB or in the comment section here. 15 person limit. 11 spots left. Please RSVP before Tuesday Feb. 10.

InBetweenisode 11.5 with Patrick James Lynch

NCHS PT SoCal short link

Powering through event from Believe Digi on Saturday! The fourth installment of the series which has been done all over the United States.  Patrick and Believe Digi bring together people from the Hemo community as well as others in the fields of interest for all humans! Really excited to support Patrick and SO honored that he asked me to be a part. This guy has some fantastic ideas and I think I love all of them.

Joel Stein and his Theme Song

Solar Studios

To Register for the FREE Event

Rebecca Berenson

Patrick Droney

PJLynch’s Twittah 

Stop the Bleeding FB

Matti Vann


Powering Through In SoCal

NCHS PT SoCal short link

PJ Lynch and BelieveDigi is at it again! So excited to be a part of this event. The info, directly from Patrick:

On Saturday, January 17th @ 1pm, Believe DigiNational Cornerstone Healthcare Services will present the first Powering Through event in Southern California, and we’ve got an INCREDIBLE day of food, interactive exhibits, and a panel conversation lined up for you and your family!
The event is FREE, but registration is required for space:
Saturday, January 17th from 1-4pmWhere:
Solar Studios (1601 S. Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204)What:
Food, interactive exhibits, and a panel conversation with this event’s focus on bleeding disorders & entertainment, and we 4 incredible guests:
Joel Stein, writer for Time Magazine 
Matti Vann, Podcaster and hemo mom
Patrick Droney, musician and community member
Rebecca Berenson, actor and hemo momCost:
Like I said, it’s FREE!  Just click here to register: Through is a free event open to the bleeding disorders community, focused oninspiring community members to face life’s challenges, overcome their obstacles (hemophilia or otherwise), and achieve!This event is available to all interested community members, their friends, and friends of the bleeding disorders community.

Baxter Facts First Event hosted by Randy Desantis

randys event yellow

This was AMAZING!!!!!!!! We learned how to find veins and I got a vein on the first try – with a LOT of help and a willing volunteer. Great people, great education and a lot of fear taken away. So empowering! Thanks for inviting us Randy!!

SAVE the DATE! Nov 2 – Pre Holiday Party for the family and friends of Hemos Unite!

save the date nov 2

We had a dinner at Roy’s in Pasadena with some education from Antonio Rosas from Biogen Idec. It was SO FUN and the turn out was fantastic!!!!!! I wanted to cry all night because I was so happy to see all the Hemos being so cool (and forgiving because we were so squished in!) and happy. Laughing and hugging and meeting old and new friends. I really think we are on to something. I know in California we are struggling a little bit to find a way to meet others in the community…this might be something that brings us all together.



Picnic in the Park August 2014

Our first Meet HU Event was August 9, 2014 at Loma Alta Park in Altadena, CA. There are two playgrounds, swimming pool, sports fields and gymnasium on the top level where we we set up.




The kids went nuts for the first two hours on the playgrounds while while the adults met and got to know each other.


There was way too much yummy food and we are all still stuffed.

Meeting new friends



 We were reunited with friends made at previous events and welcomed a new family to Southern California. Superman made a guest appearance and so did some of our favorite people from CHLA HTC team. It was a great mix of people and everyone was so nice and open. Thanks everyone!


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