The PJL: Patrick James Lynch Episode 5

I just love this guy!!! He is so genuine, caring, articulate, funny and gives so much with seemingly endless creativity and energy. Patrick James Lynch is an actor, producer, director, speaker and advocate for the Hemophilia community. He is also the creator of Stop The Bleeding web series on youTube, which is popular in our community.

He maintains a very open journal on his home page which he speaks about his experiences with getting proper treatment at Kaiser and thankfully, he is making progress with them. His journal is great if you all haven’t read it already. It is insightful and honest and sometimes hard to read because it hits close to home.


Calendly – what I use to schedule Hemos Unite podcast

HANYScholarships for those in the community

Jesus Christ Superstar


LeBron James

Courses for Creatives by The Blacksburg Belle and Mayi Carles and another cool blogger, Nicole Antoinette who has a great way to work on goals and balance.

Powering Through

Gary Vaynerchuck 

More PJL:

Twitter @pjlynch

Believe Digi

Believe Theatrical



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