Episode 11 Candace Clifford

Candace is  one of the coolest ladies I have ever met. She is fiercely intelligent, beautiful, a strong advocate and really knows her stuff.  They are a military family and the ins and outs of getting proper care with base doctors is interesting and another example of how we all have different stories and experiences in this crazy bond of Hemophilia we have. Hemophilia runs in her family, but it wasn’t talked about when she was growing up.  Even though she knew it ran in the family, she did not know that it was a possibility that her kids may have Hemophilia. The family history and story of her finding out how Hemophilia may affect her is so interesting. I actually learned so much from this chat.  Her youngest has Hemophilia B, which is rare, and he is a bleeder. This awesome mom fought to get her child on new medication because she is very aware and self educates. Lesson – keep fighting for your kids!!!!

After listening to Candace, I feel SO LUCKY with my son’s birth. We did not know there was any possibility of Hemophilia and I was in labor for 36 hours before we did a C-section. He could have had major head trauma, and thankfully, there was none. Candace’s boy had a LOT of bleeds when he was a a little guy and there were a LOT of E.R. visits.  The family had to fight for the port, fight for the factor, fight for the correct meds and they continue to fight to do what is right for their kids.

She has a burrito stealing dog who talks throughout the episode, so you will come to love this pup as well as Candace.

Mentioned in the pod:

Hemo Moms Unite Dinner

Powering Through Event on Jan 17 Registration

Joel Stein

Hemophilia B


Hemophilia in the 1950s

Dr. Marion Koerper PED/ONC UCSF Medical Center

Dr. Courtney Thornburg, Rady Children’s Hospital 

Factor Support Network and Randy Desantis thanks for introducing us Randy!

504 Plan

PSI  – I Love PSI!


To get in contact with Candace:

[email protected]


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