Episode 16 My New BFF Heather

This lady is so cool. We met this year through Nurse Jane from Episode 7 and have become fast friends. She is a single mom with 5 kids and she is an awesome mom. I have seen this in person. She shares her story, “You Won A Free Trip To Hawaii”, which is a great title and the beginning of her journey with this rare disorder. She does so much and helps a lot of people in the community. I just love her. She is incredible, a master swimmer, a fantastic mom, a great friend and a true ray of sunshine for anyone who knows her.

Mentioned on the Pod:

Rare Disease Day

Hemophilia  Council of California

Contact Heather:

Heather’s email



  1. Randy

    Great story Heather!!! Thank you for sharing and showing other parents this is a disorder we can handle and there’s SO much support out there. We just need to learn how to reach out to others. We need to remember we all started in the same place and many of us were fortunate to find our support sooner than later but it’s never too late to reach out. This PodCast is a wonderful tool for our community. Thank you Matt for helping SO many. I truly enjoy listening to ALL your stories.

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