Hemophilia Mother Episode 8

Surpise! An extra podcast this month!!

So excited about this lovely guest! The creator of the popular Facebook page Hemophilia Mother, Milena was so cool to talk to. She is just so wonderful and really making a difference out there. You are going to really enjoy this amazing woman.  She is heavily involved in the community and is focusing on how to help the world. She mentions that 60% of Hemophiliacs around the world are not receiving treatment. Can you believe that? I know we struggle here in the states because factor and the care is outrageously expensive, but at least we can get the medication. So what can we do to help all of our hemo families? Get involved.

Mentioned on the pod:

Hemophilia Mother on FB

Canadian Hemophilia Society

World Federation of Hemophilia 


Find More Milena on her Hemophilia Mother Facebook page!

Thank you Milena, you are a such a beautiful person!!!!!






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