Podcast Episode 28 Meet Cassandra


Hemos Unite is proud to host another incredible guest who is proving that you can live a rich, fulfilling life with a rare blood disorder. I feel so lucky that we have such empowering people in our community.

Meet Cassandra, an accomplished woman in Southern Arizona who is speaking about her Glanzmann Thrombasthenia  in an effort to educate more people about bleeding disorders. While GT is extremely rare (roughly 300 people according to NORD), it is a blood disorder that is related to Hemophilia, Bernard-Soulier, Storage Pool Disease, and May-Hegglin.

Cassandra has some great ideas about using her love of the arts to promote education and is willing to give her time and energy to answer questions. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and will reach out with any ideas you may have to make an impact in your community. Brainstorming with other members of the community benefits everyone.


David Wilcox Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Danielle Nance

Arizona Hemophilia Alliance

HLA matching


Chat with Cassandra:



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