Tucson Ladies Night

Oh Hello.

It has been a while. Thought I would let you know I want to hang out with you in April if you are in Southern Arizona.

My ladies dinners are where I have met some of my fastest and bestest friends. We all have the inst-bond of being caretakers, carriers or affected. That always opens our hearts a little more than a cold meeting. From the natural acceptance of each other, these dinners spawn great ideas and fill our happiness tanks.

I am teaming up with Jessica from Brothers Healthcare and Bayer, because you know Hemos Unite loves sponsors. ¬†If you don’t know Jessica, you are in for a treat. She is such a joy. She is a hemo mom and a connector of people and ideas. I met her last year when I first landed in Arizona. Jessica has a genuine desire to help people and that is why I am drawn to her. I am not on service with her, so if your feathers were ruffled, you can chill. I just like her. A lot. I know you will too.

This dinner will be for the Ladies only and our goal is to connect to each other and see how we can help bring the Tucson Bleeding Disorder Community together. This is pretty selfishly for my benefit too – not gonna lie about that one. I would love to find some ladies that “get it” for my Tucson circle of friends.





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