Weekly Update for HU!

Hi everyone – We are going to continue the weekly vlog on YouTube and really could use a name for it. Can you help me? Leave some ideas in the comments 🙂 Be nice!!

There is still time – but only a few days – to apply for HeroPath, so hurry and take advantage of this awesome program!!!


  1. Valorie Flores

    Vlog Names-
    Weekly Prophy Fun
    Fun with Hemo’s
    Doses of Fun/Info

    Great job Matti, keep up the fun energy and right when you said “ask your rep and learn” Bernard from Griffols was the 1st to come to my mind.. Lol
    Look forward to next weeks vlog and can we have a beach day in August too?
    A lot of people are gone week of July 12th due to inhibitor summit.

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