Thank you for visiting Hemos Unite! In our vastly (we are everywhere!) tiny (but we are rare!) community we have different stories about how living with a blood disorder has changed our lives. Learning about each other without judgment and keeping each other strong and positive are a couple of the many reasons I love Hemophilia. I realize that this time, is the best our community has ever had. Medical advances are truly creating a new reality for those afflicted.

Many people helped me deal with the discovery and learning curve that comes with a surprise diagnosis of Hemophilia in a newborn. The beautiful moms I met at my first CHLA Family Day listened, cried and advised me with such love and compassion; I will never be able to repay them. The best thing I can do right now is try to help others live this beautiful life with dignity, grace (I am still trying to learn this one!) and to shine bright. I hope you all find some inspiration, ideas, fun and new friends through Hemos Unite!

Hemos Unite is a BULLY FREE zone. While I love working with individuals and industry, if my guests or I feel bullied at any time, we will respectfully stop inviting you and/or your company to the party.

Please, check out the Hemos Unite Playlist on my YouTube and like our FB page ! That would be totally rad.

With Love and Appreciation,



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